Add this to increase intoxication, & it’s not alcohol.

bar sceneI’m no party animal, more like a gym rat and a homebody, but one of my favorite drinks is a lemon drop martini. I had no idea that sweet drinks get us intoxicated quicker! (1). Adding sugar to an alcoholic beverage is what will get you even more drunk!

I figured that 12 oz. of beer is considered one drink, but I didn’t know that 1 ½ ounces of hard alcohol, or 5 ounces of wine is also considered one drink. Since it takes an hour to process a drink, pace yourself! (1)

My body doesn’t breakdown alcohol effectively, possibly due to genetics and an enzyme deficiency, so I’ll take a sip, and drink iced tea the rest of the party. I’ll let everyone think I’m drinking a Long Island Iced tea so I can act goofy.

Source: Bachus, Tiffani. “A St. Paddy’s Day Primer on Alcohol and Fitness.” Blog Post Type. Ace Fit/Fit Life. 7, Mar. 2017. Web 16, Mar. 2017.

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Don’t let your dentist take x-rays

Fit GirlMost dentists suggest updated x-rays yearly. If you ask the dentist why, he’ll probably tell you it’s to check to make sure your teeth are okay. That’s a half-truth. The real reason is that IF you have a problem, and the dentist didn’t take x-rays, and, in the unlikely event that you were harmed by not taking action to remedy that issue right away, you could argue in court and he would lose the case and pay you for damages. So the real reason dentists take x-rays, is to protect them from a lawsuit. If you tell your dentist, you don’t want x-rays, he will probably have you sign a form that you are choosing not to take x-rays; again, that’s to protect the dentist, not you. You can always request that your x-rays be sent from one dentist or doctor to another so you’re not subjected to additional unnecessary x-rays and costs.

Unless you’re having problems with your teeth, say no to those x-rays. You don’t need them. X-rays should be limited because they inject radiation into your body. The more radiation, the more susceptible you will be to getting cancer.

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Protein powders, supplements, pre-workout drinks don’t result in fat loss

jordyn-getzAt the gym, big guys ask the bigger guys which protein powders, supplements and pre-workout powders they use, so they too, can be ripped and lean, but none of those will help you lose body fat. Protein powders are handy to throw in a smoothie for a quick pre-workout or post workout meal, but they don’t help you lose weight; they just provide added protein, which is fine.

There’s no proof that supplements help in any way, but there’s plenty of evidence they can cause serious harm. Don’t take supplements unless you’re low in certain vitamins and minerals. A blood test ordered by your doctor will let you know if your levels are in the normal or abnormal range.

Those pre-workout stimulants might help you power through that workout since they are typically loaded with caffeine. They could help you burn extra calories, but those minimal calories burned won’t result in a leaner you. Coffee or tea made at home has fewer calories, fewer side effects, and costs a whole lot less. I usually throw a tablespoon of cocoa powder in my pre-workout banana and coconut milk smoothie, and sip caffeinated tea during training and cardio. The combination of caffeine, simple carbs, calories, and liquids gives me plenty of energy.

Having a scoop of protein powder a day is fine, just don’t expect it to perform miracles. Supplements have their place, but more is definitely not better. Go for natural sources of caffeine like cocoa, tea and coffee. For that lean physique, up the cardio, lift at least three times a week, drink plenty of water, eat lots of veggies and lean protein, and drop the carbohydrates a bit, and you’ll be showing off that six-pack by summer.

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To develop perfect muscles, do this

Rick Stephenson and Nina ShantelMuscles provide strength, burn more calories, and give men and women a sexy shape so it’s no wonder everyone is picking up weights.

I asked Rick Stephenson, the owner of World Gym in Pacific Beach, San Diego, now 60, who still looks like he did when he was competing as a professional bodybuilder (but with less hair) how he lifts. He said, one day he will do low reps with heavy weights for an hour or so. The next day he will do high reps with lighter weights, and goes straight from one exercise to another, with no breaks, for an intense calories burn, for 15 minutes straight. The third day he will lift with moderately heavy weights until failure with longer breaks in between each set.

This system activates fast-twitch & slow-twitch muscle fibers so you’re exercising smaller and larger muscles, and shocks the muscles in a good way. This method is preferred because you’re not doing the same workout which your body adapts to quickly, and leads to a plateau where you stop progressing. If you weight train every muscle like Rick does, at least once a week, those curves will soon be popping and getting compliments.

Photo: Rick Stephenson, the owner of World Gym, and me

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No one is perfect. Stop comparing yourself to others

World GymThe image that people portray in public is usually when they are at their best. We don’t pop out of bed looking fabulous. Social media is great in some respects, but it makes many people jealous and depressed.

Other gym rats who don’t know me assume I’m just a fitness fanatic, and my job is to sell my nutrition book. I wish. That would be a dream come true if I didn’t have to work as a broker. Exercise, blogging, posting YouTube videos, and creating low-calorie meals and desserts are my hobbies.

Just because someone appears to have the best of everything, doesn’t mean they do. I post my best photos on Instagram @FitGirlUSA and Facebook. I don’t look so great without makeup. No one sees that I have severe and rare dairy allergy which can cause a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. You cannot look at me and know that I have type 1 diabetes and need to administer synthetic insulin nightly, and every time I eat carbohydrates. You wouldn’t know that I have daily back pain caused by a doctor who picked me up and shook me violently.

My point is, everyone has one problem or another. Don’t be jealous of anyone. You might not want to be in their shoes. Focus on your strengths. Change what is possible to make your life better. Accept what you cannot fix. How happy you are is determined by how you think about life, not by all the negative things that happened to you. Smile. Laugh. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Think positive thoughts. Be kind to yourself and others. Live in the moment. You’re worth it.

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Why everyone should be anti-gluten


I’m 99% gluten free, not because I have Celiac, gluten ataxia, or even a gluten sensitivity, but because the majority of foods that contain gluten are processed, and processed foods provide little nutritional value. These beloved foods, like pasta and bread, are high in calories, and the cause of obesity and many diseases.

I don’t eat bread, pizza, pasta, or wheat tortillas anymore. The process of elimination took me two years, but I did it! Instead of eating spaghetti and sandwiches twice a day, I ate one or the other only at dinner. Then, I began my cutting back on my portions. One slice of bread instead of two. Two ounces of pasta instead of four. Smaller tortillas. Then I switched from wheat tortillas to corn tortillas. Later, rice replaced bread.

I use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce, which tastes even better! I snack on peanuts instead of pretzels. I make meals with rice noodles in lieu of wheat pasta. Spaghetti squash is now my “noodle” of choice to pair with meat sauce simmered in red wine and chopped tomatoes. Fruit smoothies, toasted oats with berries and coconut flakes, and raw vegan desserts are now my sweet treats instead of traditional baked brownies and cookies, made with butter, flour and sugar.

Why did, and why do I go through all the trouble? Are processed foods really that bad? Dr. Weil’s explains, “When you process a grain into a flour, you drastically change the carbohydrate in a way that promotes inflammation…and convert that to sugar. This causes spikes in blood sugar…there are abnormal reactions between sugars and protein that result in pro-inflammatory compounds.” Inflammation in the body makes us more prone to health problems. It’s hard giving up, or even cutting back on foods that we love and have been eating for years, but living with a disease is much worse than a craving. Try the steps I used to make the switch.

Source: Dr. Weil. “Tips for Anti-Inflammatory Eating.” Gluten Free & More. April/May 2017 issue. 66-67. Print.

What it takes to lose weight

img_8747People tell me, too many times to count, that they know they are heavy, and they need to exercise and eat better. I love helping others and teaching nutrition, but I can’t make someone thin, by telling them what to do. They are the ones that need to take action. Everyone has the power to change bad habits. Either love yourself the way you are, or start making changes.

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Are vegetables that important?


Vegetables not only give us nutrients, they also provide fiber which cleans out the bad stuff, like cholesterol. Fresh, clean vegetables help strengthen our bodies to fight off disease. Make it a habit to eat some veggies with every meal and snack. And rotate your vegetables; don’t eat just sweet potatoes and asparagus. Eat an array of vegetables since each has it’s own set of super powers.

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Is grass-fed butter okay to eat?


Butter is one of the worst fats. It’s a saturated, natural trans fat that damages your heart health & raises your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and lowers your HDL (“good”)  cholesterol. Use vegetable oil instead, but use sparingly. One tablespoon is over 100 calories!

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What Marilyn says about weight gain

yogaMarilyn vos Savant, who has the highest IQ recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, wrote in a recent publication: “Our bodies are more efficient than we think, which may be one reason we gain weight: We don’t realize how little we need to eat!” (1).


 Most female adults only need 1600 calories, and adult men only need 1800 calories per day. It may sound like a lot, but it’s actually a really small amount of food. It’s great for survival, but terrible when we want to eat chocolate chip cookies.


(1). Source: Parade Magazine, February 12, 2017 issue. Pg 7


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