Green Coffee Bean

Third day taking GoBean Green Coffee Bean pills and this caffeine pill definitely has given me much more energy. Did a one hour legs workout with the trainer and did two of Jillian Michael’s cardio kickboxing workouts with energy to spare. Can’t wait to find out how fast and far I can hike!

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  1. Are you actually taking pills with caffeine? I believe that caffeine is not good for people with diabetes. These pills are not giving you energy, what they are doing is revving up your nervous system, increasing your heart rate and making you think you have more energy. But, the downside is that if you don’t keep having them, you will feel very sluggish the next day, or soon after. It’s is very much like a drug and it IS addictive. I was addicted to caffeine even though I only had about 12 oz. a day. I would wake up about 4 or 5 every morning with a migraine. Then I would taken an Excedrin, which contains caffeine to get rid of the headache and follow up with another 12 oz. of coffee. This regimen went on for about 20 years before I realized that the headaches were directly linked to the caffeine. Now, I only drink decaf and green tea which does have a slight bit of caffeine but doesn’t bring on the headaches. What a relief!

    • I started taking green coffee pills about a week ago. I get newsletters from Sharp regarding diabetes several times a year and have attended two TCOYD all-day diabetes seminars, and the topic of caffeine never came up. On WebMD website there was a small 10-patient study where those with type II diabetes took a total of 500 milligrams of caffeine daily, which showed elevated blood sugar levels. It appears that the studies of caffeine has only been documented on type II diabetics. A type II diabetic is one whose pancreas produces some insulin, and their insulin resistance is the result of age, poor eating habits, and being overweight.

      Type I and type II diabetics should monitor their blood sugars so they can adjust their medication and carb intake accordingly. The green coffee tablets I take only have 100 mg of caffeine each and I’ve only taken one a day. Remember that the study had people consuming 5 times that amount. Another way to compare this is, one green tea bag can contain as much as 70 mg of caffeine.

      Some people cannot tolerate caffeine and those people should definitely stay away from it. Who knows, another study may reveal that caffeine lowers blood sugar. Studies are not perfect, are theories, not facts and one may contradict another. Cigarettes were originally touted as perfectly harmless!

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