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Low Calorie doesn’t have to be Unhealthy

In 2014 public schools will have to provide lower calorie snacks and foods. In the Los Angeles Times Sunday, June 30th, 2013 article “Snack time to go low-cal in schools next year” on page A 13, reads, “Doughnuts and cookies will be out: baked chips and granola bars will be in.” Is that the best they can do? Chips are made with salt and flour or corn. That’s not nutritious. Granola has oats but it also has lots of sugar and fat. Why couldn’t they provide nuts and dried fruit instead?

The article states that “sugary drinks will be replaced by low-or no-calorie flavored water and diet sodas.” So, now they are going from bad to worse! I’d prefer they ban caramel color in sodas. Replacing sugar with a synthetic sweetener that is shown to create cancer is lab rats is not okay! I’m all for reducing calories, but let’s do it the right way! How about smaller bottles? Provide coconut water and unsweetened tea please!

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