Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Sunday’s LA Times article on page A13, titled “Carbs can leave you craving…” summarizes two studies of 12 overweight males who were hungrier after eating pancakes, white pasta, or other high carb foods, than if they had eaten a meal “…with more protein and fiber and fewer carbohydrates…” What the article doesn’t say is that any time you eat carbs, you should eat protein which slows down blood sugar spikes. In every meal, the right combination is protein, carbs that contain fiber, with a little bit of fat. This combination is great for losing weight too! If you have a high carb meal or snack, such as candy, your blood sugar will soar, and then plummet, which makes sense that the men were much hungrier after eating high carb/lower fiber foods. The researches hypothesized that if you eat carbs high on the glycemic chart often, the more likely you will crave them, and the more apt you will be at pigging out.

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