Antiperspirant – is it harmful?

antisperspirant warningDid you know that in order to stop perspiration, products use aluminum? Rubbing a metal into your skin so it absorbs and plugs up sweat glands just doesn’t seem like a safe thing to do. Grab your antiperspirant and read the warning label. I bet you’ll see a warning not to use if you have kidney disease. Heavy metals are toxic and can damage kidneys and liver. That’s scary stuff.

If you want to smell clean, but don’t want aluminum in your deodorant, there are some out there. Just look for deodorant and make sure “antiperspirant” is not listed anywhere on the label. If you plan to switch, you may want to start in the winter time, when it’s cooler, and when you’re sweating less. You may find when you stop using antiperspirant you’re sweating more than normal, because you’re no longer plugging up your skin and your skin can finally breathe. Be patient, the excessing sweating will calm down.

On a hot day, you’re still going to sweat, but at least you won’t be stinky and won’t be sweating over metal toxicity anymore!

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  2. Agreed!

    Lavilin’s my favorite aluminum-free deodorant. Comes as both a roll-on and a cream. Cream lasts longer, but the roll-on is quicker and easier to use. Both work great!

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