Habits of Overweight People and How to Stop the Cycle

People who are overweight want to be thin, but are going about food the wrong way. They’ll skip breakfast or lunch, figuring that they will be consuming fewer calories that way, and will lose a few pounds.

Don’t ever skip meals if you want to lose weight. If you skip meals or don’t eat anything for over 3 hours, your body cannot read your mind and thinks you are on a desert island with no food in sight. The next time you eat, those calories will be stored as fat. What also frequently happens is when you wait too long between meals, you end up overeating and eatingĀ fast food since you cannot wait until you get home.

Stop skipping meals. Put some granola or a bar in your car, at your desk or wherever handy, so you can eat something right away. When it’s time for dinner, you won’t go nuts!

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