Don’t Trust the Scale

Have you weighed yourself on different scales? For instance, if I weigh myself on the scale at home, try out one at the store, and then get weighed at the doctor’s office, all that same day, each scale shows a different weight. So, do you buy the one with the highest number or the lowest number?

The scale isn’t always the best indicator of how much fat you have. I’ve been training harder and my scale shows higher numbers. That freaks me out! I’m not fatter, I’m leaner and stronger. I gained muscle weight. That’s cool!

It’s tough to see the numbers on the scale go up when you are trying to lean out. If you’ve kept your diet fairly clean and people are saying that you look great, let that be an indicator, not the scale.

3 Comments on “Don’t Trust the Scale”

  1. Totally understand where you’re coming from! Dr. Ray Hynish once said, and I’m paraphrasing, but like this, “The scale is like your miserly uncle, you ask him for a quarter, and he gives you a nickel, or maybe a penny, or maybe nothing at all.” Hang in there, and ignore your uncle! 🙂 Sincerely, t

    • I used to get on the scale every morning. Sometimes it would ruin my day. Now I weigh myself once or twice a week and when I see a higher number I know it’s muscle and not to worry about the numbers! My goal is to gain muscle. Muscles are sexy!

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