MRM Vegan Protein Powder Review

Vegan Protein Powder

I finally found a vegan protein powder that actually tastes good. Wow! And I thought it didn’t exist. MRM Veggie protein powder has a wonderful flavor, not too sweet with just a hint of vanilla. The only complaint is that the texture is a bit chalky, but that appears to be the case with many protein powders. I’ve found that the thicker your shake, the less noticeable the texture. When I added a half of an avocado and a banana to my smoothie, the chalkiness was not an issue. Enjoy!

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  1. Great suggestion, thank you. Good veggie powders are hard to find, for those that choose not to go with whey, soy, casein, especially for vegans.

      • Indeed! That’s why I tend to stick with Costco Whey, I used to be vegan, and respect those that are, and many vegans need to work on increasing their protein (at least I did). Anyway, this subject has come up on forums I’ve been on. Appreciate the suggested product, and your insights.

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