Tick Bites Can Make You Allergic to Meat and Milk

I told my allergist that beef, pork and lamb make me feel sick. He did a standard allergy scratch test and sure enough, the results showed I was allergic to those three meats. I told him I could have small amounts of beef if overcooked, I can have stir-fried pork, but not pork chops and I can have lamb stew. Since I am allergic to dairy, the protein in these meats, just like the protein in milk, is causing my body to react. By cooking the meats longer, the protein breaks down, thus little to no reaction.

He then told me that some people who have been bitten by ticks now get severe allergic reactions to beef, lamb, pork and sometimes dairy. These people are reacting to the sugar found in the meat fat. The short name for this sugar is called alpha-gal. According to the August/September 2013 issue of Living Without’s article titled “Ticked Off,” it states on page pg 39, “The allergy may not last a lifetime. Alpha-gal antibody levels can eventually drop in patients who avoid additional tick bites…This does not seem to be a forever allergy…[but]if you get more tick bites…you may well develop this whole thing all over again.”

Who would have thought that anyone can now become allergic to milk and red meat? This is scary stuff, but now for those people who jokingly say they wish they were allergic to milk to stay thin, I can grant their wish by sending them into the woods in their shorts!

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  1. I was allergic to an alpha gal in college, but I think we are talking about two different things! lol. As a sidenote, I generally suspect that we are allergic to a great many more things than we realize, because of all the processed foods, chemicals, and pollutants that have made their way into our food chain. The perps of the day seem to be dairy and glutten, but of course, nuts are also a potential problem as far as food goes, especially peanuts and macadamia nuts. Anyway, I generally eat seafood, and only limited dairy, basically whey protein, cottage cheese, and nonfat greek yogurt. I also have generally cut all wheat and flour out of the diet, special treat days excepting. That seems to have done the trick, excepting hayfever. That said, fascinating post. Thanks much! SIncerely, Tom

    • I’ve read that if you have local honey the pollen shouldn’t affect you as badly. This year the pollen has been brutal! Sounds like you eat really healthy and are eating the right stuff. Ani Phyo has some delicious raw desserts, no flour or sugar, if you are looking for guilt-free treats.

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