How to heat corn tortillas with less fat and calories

I love flour tortillas, not the whole wheat ones. I like the ones with no fiber and no nutrients. Why do we always enjoy stuff that’s bad for us?

Always trying to eat healthier, I now let my brain pick the groceries instead of my sweet tooth. The way to make the dry corn tortillas you buy at the store soft is to fry each side with oil, but then I’m just adding fat and calories. That’s not good either.

I’ve finally found a way to heat up corn tortillas so that they are soft and delicious with just the right texture. Turn on your oven to broil and place the corn tortillas on the rack, about 6 inches from the heat element. Spray the top of each tortilla generously with olive oil. Close oven and check every 15 seconds. When the oil bubbles on top, flip over and spray other side with olive oil. The second side should be done on about 10-15 seconds since the oven is already hot. That’s it and no mess!

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