How to make triceps kickbacks more effective in two seconds

We want our triceps to be firm; no flapping allowed! The trick is the two-second hold. I like to focus on one arm at a time. Stagger your feet, one foot in front and the other further back. With one dumbbell in the right hand, place your free arm (the left) on your left quad, bending over so that you are parallel to the floor. Keep your lower back tight. Pull the weight up and stop when your arm is bent at 90 degrees. Then press the weight back, towards the ceiling. At the top, hold for two seconds. You may need to start with a lighter weight than usual since it is much harder to hold the weight against gravity for two seconds. Try to do three sets of 10-12 reps, switching weights to the other hand with each set. You’ll have stronger, sexier triceps in no time!

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