How to get rid of those last stubborn pounds

You’ve done everything right but those last pounds just won’t come off. You eat clean: no fried foods, low-fat meats and dairy, whole grain, lots of vegetables. You exercise 4-6 days a week. You do a lot of cardio. You eat the right about of calories, but that extra fat just won’t budge. It’s so frustrating! Don’t give up though.

There’s only so much cardio a person can do. You want your body to be a fat burning machine and the best way to do that is by building muscle. For the women out there, don’t be afraid of getting too buff, you just don’t have the genetics to get big. I did three sets of 95 pound squats this week and my legs are lean.

Forget about the 3 or 5 pound weights, those aren’t going to do anything for you. Use those for your warm up. Be smart though, start small and build up. In time, you’ll be squatting your own weight and be a fat-burning machine!

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