How often should I lift weights?

It’s best to lift weights three to four times a week and you want to do three to four sets for each muscle group you are working to get the best bang for your buck. For example, today I worked biceps and triceps. For my biceps workout I did four sets of hammer curls, four sets of dumbbell curls, and four sets of straight bar curls. That takes time.

A friend of mine goes to the gym twice a week and in that time he tries to get in everything in just two days. I told him that’s crazy.  You’d either be spending several hours each time you work out, or not getting in an effective workout.

Whatever you decide, make sure to give your muscles time off after a hard workout; a two-day rest is a good idea. If your legs are so tired that you have to climb up your stairs on your hands and knees like a newborn, then you need a break!

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