Egg-White MRM Protein Powder Update on Dairy Contamination

On June 28th, I wrote about how I got sick from MRM’s Vanilla Egg-White protein powder which claims to be dairy-free. I’m one of the rare individuals who is extremely allergic to the protein in dairy. When I spoke to MRM, they admitted it was made on shared equipment with their whey protein powder and said the product may contain trace amounts of dairy. MRM picked up my canister of protein powder and had it tested by a third party. MRM called me back with the results and said their dairy-free products do contain a small amount of dairy, typically 10 PPM (parts per million), but this particular batch had much more, at 26 PPM.

MRM said these amounts are very low and those allergic shouldn’t have a reaction. The thing is, I did feel ill with the batch contaminated with the higher amount of whey protein, and each subsequent time I made a fruit smoothie with this batch of protein powder, there was a quicker and stronger anaphylactic reaction.

I didn’t initially know what was making me sick since I’ve been consuming this protein powder for years. After several days of feeling ill after having my protein drink is when I put two and two together.

Now when I read a label and it says it’s dairy-free I also look to see if it’s made on shared equipment. Sometimes I take a risk, other times I let my woman’s intuition decide. It’s really unfortunate that manufacturing equipment is so expensive that companies have to make various products on the same machines. Or maybe the companies are too cheap and greedy. It’s a shame that we have to put our health on the line just so large corporations can fill their pockets.

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  1. Wow! It seems as though your body becomes more sensitized over time to the allergen. It’s amazing that you were able to figure this out and that the company cooperated in testing the product. Glad you were able to get to the bottom of this.

    • Allergists claim that we can be desensitized by ingesting small amounts of the allergen over time, but I wouldn’t dare try that! I was really happy with MRM’s professionalism. They gave me their veggie protein powder to replace the egg-white protein they took back. The veggie protein is really great in fruit smoothies so it all worked out.

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