Reduce cholesterol levels naturally

If you need to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels without taking risky prescription pills, see my do and don’t list below:

Take policosanol

Avoid carnitine

Take prebiotics daily

Eat 1 ounce of raw unsalted almonds and walnuts nuts every day (this will increase your HDL which is what you want. Stay away from salted and roasted nuts since you don’t need the extra oil or salt)

Avoid farmed fish, deli meats, fried foods and any product that is hydrogenated

Remove any visible fat off meat (the cholesterol is in the fat)

Keep blood sugars in the normal range (see your doctor to confirm your range)

Eat no more than 1 portion of red meat to once a week

Reduce salt intake by cutting back on processed & restaurant items (home cooked is best!)

Exercise at least 30 minutes five times a week

Eat more high-fiber foods like broccoli to sweep that cholesterol out of your body (clean-up time)

Eat eggs but remove the yolkes (I suggest eating no more than three whole eggs a week)

Lose those extra pounds by following the steps above

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  1. If you do eat out you can tell the waiter that you are on a low sodium diet and request that the food be prepared without the extra salt. Another fat reducing choice is to ask for the salad dressing on the side.

    • The salad dressing on the side is a good idea because they always overdress the salads. I’ve never asked for less salt when out to eat. I’ll have to try that. Great suggestions!

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