Hate Water? I’m going to change that.

homemade tea

I’ve heard a few people tell me they hate water. To me that’s just crazy talk. It’s like someone insisting that grass is purple and the moon is made out of marshmallows. Water haters say they drink juice and flavored water instead of plain water. Juice has calories and carbs which add up so it’s not the best hydration choice. Flavored drinks typically have food coloring, preservatives, and synthetic sweeteners so I’m not a fan of those either.

I enjoy a challenge so I’m going to make all of you who hate water, love it. You can make delicious and refreshing water without adding any calories, carbohydrates, or chemicals.

Below are my top three homemade flavored water tips:

1)      Add thin slices of lemon, oranges and cucumber to a glass jug. Fill with filtered water and ice. Yum! (keep in refrigerator)

2)      Pour a little bit of brewed coffee into a glass jug or glass. Add water and ice for iced coffee

3)      Put 3 tea bags (my favorites are mint and green tea) in a microwavable cup with ½ glass of filtered water. Heat 30 seconds in the microwave. Add tea bags and brew for 3 minutes. Pour the hot brewed tea in a glass jug. Fill with cold filtered water and ice. You can add a few drops of liquid stevia to make it taste like sweetened tea.

As Tony Horton, fitness celebrity trainer, says, “Drink your water people!” Maybe now you will.

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