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What your nail polish says about you

what your nail polish says about you

Am I the only one that hates black nail polish? Every day is not Halloween. Black, blue and green nail polish looks good on no one! Black clothes are fashionable but black nail polish sends a different message. Is she mean? Does she wish she’s a vampire? Does she have a dark side? Did she hit her fingers with a hammer? What you wear may ruin your chances of getting that job unless you are applying at MAC. Enough with the weird and metallic nail colors. Blue nails are for corpses. Is the green to cover up nail fungus? Those hues just make a person look sickly.

Also, what’s with the different polish on each nail? Are you color blind or did you paint your nails in the dark? Glitter nail polish should be reserved for little girls. Why doesn’t anyone wear French manicures, reds, pinks and neutral tones anymore? Those look the best. Today I’m sporting chipped peach…that’s not good either.

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