Prevent Nighttime Feasts

If you end up eating way too much at nighttime, help is here. Are you eating a small breakfast, a small lunch (or no lunch), end up pigging out at dinner, and keep snacking afterwards? A lot of people do just that, so you are not alone. You’re going to need to break this cycle. Remember that you cannot expect change if you’re not making changes.

When you overeat in the late afternoon and into the evening it may be because you haven’t eaten enough throughout the day so you feel like you’re starving at night. You end up consuming more calories than you need which causes your weight to continually increase. You’ll want to increase the amount of food you eat in the morning and at lunch so at night, you should be satisfied with a normal portion at dinner time.

I’m not saying to eat pancakes loaded with butter and syrup for breakfast and sausage pizza for lunch, those meals are way too caloric and devoid of fiber and nutrition. You want to eat well as often as possible. You can have the pancakes and the pizza, but it’s wise to save those for when you are on vacation. You know why you cannot stop at just one potato chip? It’s devoid of fiber and protein. How are you going to curb those urges if you’re not giving your body the nutrients it craves?

People know they should eat breakfast but don’t know why. You want to eat shortly after you awake to get that metabolism going. If it’s too hard to eat breakfast early in the day, just eat something small, maybe a yogurt or some whole grain toast topped with your favorite nut butter. Then a few hours later you’ll be hungry to eat your breakfast. Remember to eat fruit or vegetables with each meal which are great foods to signal when it’s time to stop eating. The goal is to eat a bigger breakfast, a decent sized lunch, maybe a small snack midday if you’re still hungry, and then a small dinner. Are you ready for a bigger breakfast tomorrow or possible two small yummy breakfasts? Remember, change is good!

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