Ask a Fit Person

It confounds me to this day why people who want to lose weight ask those for weight-loss advice who are heavy and are trying to lose weight too. I can see asking someone else what diet plans they’ve tried and which didn’t work, but why would someone ask for guidance from another who is struggling to lose pounds unsuccessfully? To this day I cannot figure this one out.

I’ve seen this scenario again and again in the various workplaces I’ve had over the years and each time I’ve wanted to wave my hands furiously in the air and yell “over here!” Why didn’t they ask me for weight-loss advice or how I keep myself fit? I would have been more than happy to let them know what I eat and what I avoid. One of the misconceptions is that a lean individual must be lucky because he or she has good genes. There are very few people who can eat whatever they like, don’t exercise, and don’t gain weight. People who are lean work hard at it. The next time you see someone who has a figure that should be photographed, don’t be jealous. They work their butt off to look like that.

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