Flat Abs Now!

Do you want flat abs? Doesn’t everyone? If you’ve been working out a week or maybe a few months and are frustrated that you don’t have flat abs yet, don’t despair, but don’t expect miracles either. Flat abs are hard work. You cannot expect to go from flabby to fabulous in a short period of time. If you exercise hard three to five times a week, drink more water, cut back on alcohol, and are eating fewer calories, then you will see results. It could take just a few months to a few years to see your stomach flatten out. It all depends on your starting point.  

If you need to lose five pounds of fat, you could reach your goal in just a few months, but if you need to lose fifty pounds or three hundred pounds, it could take years of consistent hard work. I’m sure you’ve seen the early morning ads for weight loss videos with promised results in 90 days. Like your mind, your body is resistant to change so it’s typical not to see results for three to four months. You need to be patient, realistic and dedicated. Expect to lose no more than ½ pound to 1 pound a week with vigorous exercise AND a healthy diet. If you just have those last remaining pounds to shed, it will take longer since we’re meant to have extra pounds to cushion our cells and in case of a food shortage. Don’t worry about the end result, it will arrive before you know it. In the meantime, enjoy the benefits of trying different exercises, meeting new people, and eating innovative dishes.

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