Hate red hair?

Bekie from Tease Salon

If you have naturally red hair and want a change, whatever you do, don’t bleach it blond. Solid blond hair will give your skin a “washed out” look. If you don’t believe me look at Laura Prepon, the actress from “That 70’s Show,” or see Lindsay Lohan now as a blond. They both looked so much more vibrant with their natural red hair. Once you bleach your hair blond, that vibrant glow your face had is gone and you will look ghostly. The best bet is to get a combination of blond highlights and light brown lowlights. Don’t go for chunky highlights or lowlights, that just doesn’t look natural. If you have dark red hair instead of locks with more of an orange hue you can go with medium-brown lowlights for a dramatic, romantic look.


Photo: Bekie, hairdresser at Tease Salon, shows us the variations of red on a color palette. She darkens her brown hair black and adds red for pops of color.

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