Are you a cheater?

side plank with leg raise

People complain that they need to lose weight, but in the next breath proudly proclaim they get all the necessary exercise at home. Really? Are these people running or hiking in their neighborhood? Do these individuals own any fitness equipment or exercise videos? Nope! Instead, I hear, “I clean the house, wash the car, carry the laundry up and down the stairs, garden…” Don’t confuse exercise with chores. You’re supposed to exercise IN ADDITION to doing standard household chores.

Stop making excuses and get to the gym. That tire is going to stay right where it is unless you put the car in drive. Don’t just walk on the treadmill, do a few machines and call it a day. If you’re not sweating, if your heart is not pumping, if your veins aren’t throbbing, if you’re not panting, grunting, gasping for air, or shedding tears then you’re cheating! Getting in shape and keeping fit is hard work. Stop cheating and work it!

(Photo: me doing a side plank with a leg raise. Try this exercise five times on each side and hold each one for thirty seconds. It will really challenge your core and balance)

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