Can probiotics make you skinny?


A study published on September 5th 2013, suggests that a person’s intestinal flora determines a person’s body shape and metabolism rate. Wow! And all along I thought a pear shape and a slow metabolism was from my mom’s side of the family. In this particular study “…four sets of identical female twins in which one twin was lean and the other obese…” provided stool samples to collect…” bacteria, viruses and protozoans” which were transplanted into a large group of mice.

“Almost immediately, the mix of living organisms inside a mouse’s digestive tract began to resemble the one inside its human donor. Soon the mice came to resemble more and more the women whose gut microbiomes they had adopted. Despite eating about the same amount of the same low-fat chow, mice that got transplants from an obese twin began to gain weight and lay down fat deposits. The mice that got transplants from a lean twin remained lean.”

This may explain why one of your co-workers can eat and eat and never gain a pound, while you eat half as much as she does and still cannot reduce that belly bulge. She may have the right combination of gut bacteria to keep her lean. Your friend that only washes her hair once a week may be right, some bacteria is good. While the scientists frantically figure out which bacteria holds the golden ticket, you can buy organic low sugar yogurt, kefir, miso, pickles, and/or kombucha tea. Also try the probiotics on the shelves at vitamin and grocery stores. It may or may not get you to flat abs, but it’s worth a try!

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