Diabetes Diagnosis – Liars!


When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes I didn’t believe it. They had to be wrong. They were all liars! We’re told to get a second opinion when it comes to serious medical issues so I met with two endocrinologists. I also tested my blood sugars on different days, at different times, before eating, after eating, and first thing in the morning after fasting all night. The numbers didn’t lie. They were right and I was mad. I know life is not fair, but this was cruel.

It didn’t help when every time I went to the dentist the hygienist would ask, “How’s your diabetes?” I wanted to reply in retaliation, “How’s that mole on your face that you hate? Still there?” I am a person, not a disease. She also proudly, and loudly, said “I knew you were diabetic. I just knew it!” Was she happy that she was right? She seemed awfully ecstatic. I asked for a different hygienist for all future visits. I don’t need to have my mouth tortured and be depressed all in one visit.

Then there were the family members that wanted to help by asking probing questions and tell me what foods I can never eat again, even though that information is dated and no longer true. Diabetics can eat candy and ice cream, just not as much and not in addition to other carbs at the same time. Even though I would share updates they refused to believe me, which was incredibly frustrating.

There are those that don’t say anything. I wonder, did they forget my prognoses? Are they too busy to inquire? Don’t they care about me?

No one really knows what you’re going through unless they’ve been through it too. So I called a previous employer’s wife who is also a Type 1 diabetic. We were able to laugh at the silly things people say. We would go out to eat and determine together which meals were diabetic friendly. We shared frustrations and solutions to problems. We would eat skittles hidden in her purse when our blood sugars dipped. It was nice to have a treat instead of a chalky glucose tablet. But the best thing of all was to have someone who really understood and validated my feelings.

Even though I’m stuck with this pain-in-the-butt disease, I’m more knowledgeable, eat healthier than ever, and have a wonderful new friend that I would never have reached out to. Whatever your situation, you’re not alone. You’re still the same person, except a little wiser.

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