Finally a cooking show with low-calorie meals

chicken sandwich and a pickle

There’s a new low-calorie television cooking show on the Food Network called Hungry Girl. Today’s dishes were Big Sandwiches. The host, Lisa Lillien, shows you how to make easy meals that are all low in energy (calories). She also has some great tips to share such as:  if you buy ready-made sandwiches, tear off the outer layers of wraps to cut down on calories (when they’re all rolled up they look tiny, but when unrolled…they’re huge!), and if you get one of those large crusty baguettes to remove some of the inside dough. If your network provider doesn’t offer the Food Network channel, you can find the recipes at

I do want to note that the meals are only low in calories. They are not vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free. They’re not the healthiest dishes either since many contain butter and cheese. Even so, I recommend watching this show since Lisa has some really yummy-looking recipes, many of which you can tweak to fit your likes and diet.


Photo: After watching today’s morning show I was craving a sandwich. My baked chicken and red bell pepper sandwich is dairy-free.

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