Review of Peak Fit System

Peak Fit

If you are looking for exercise videos which provide an overall fitness program, this one is superb (and you don’t need weights). Michelle Dozois is the instructor and motivates you the whole way through. The exercises are extremely challenging, but it’s still fun. When I first used the band that was included (it smells like a car tire), I thought mine was defective because it’s so tough. I could hardly stretch it. The more you use this band, the stronger you’ll become. It would have been better to have weights instead of the band because using this thing is extremely awkward to use. They could have provided a beginner band that isn’t so gnarly too.

The 10 exercise videos included in the set are the Fit Test (this is a high-intensity cardiovascular 30 minute heart-pumper), Pure Strength, 52 minutes of Pure Cardio, 30 minute Flexibility, Cardio Strength, 20 minute Core Dynamics, Cardio Interval Burn, Pure Strength 2, Cardio Strength 2; and a 42 minute Anywhere, Anytime, No Excuse Workout.

The strength videos are great for someone who wants to work all body parts in one video for under an hour. The moves in the cardio videos are perfect for those with a dance background, but for the rest of us, it’s a bit frustrating. These videos are hard so if you’re new to weight-training or exercise, you should pass for now. For the folks who are fairly fit, this will still kick your butt. I give this two-thumbs up and recommend it to those are physically and mentally ready for some crazy workouts.

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