3 Steps to Burn 100s of Calories

Dan running

If you want to lose fat, these three steps are super effective and don’t take up too much time. 

#1 Strength-train 3-4 days a week, each day using a different body part. Gradually add more weight and/or repetitions.The reason: The more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn, even when lounging.

#2 – Get up and move around throughout the day as much as possible.The reason: When you sit or lay down, your metabolism slows.

#3 Before you go to bed at night, do any form of light cardiovascular activity. You can walk the dog (or the family), plan an interactive Wii game, dance like a maniac (this one is my favorite), and/or do a quick clean-up around the house.The reason: Your metabolism slows down at night so any of these types of activities will give it a boost.

You can burn hundreds more calories every day with these movements. Every little bit of activity adds up (just like those calories). It’s worth the effort.

Photo: Dan W., triathlete, running a marathon (now that burns some serious calories!).

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