Trick your body to eat less

pumpkin chicken soup

If you want to lose weight you know that you need to eat fewer calories, but no one wants to be hungry all the time. A study summarized in an article titled “Cutting Calorie Density” in the October 2013 issue of Nutrition Action Health Letter, found that when fruit and vegetables were sneaked into dishes, the subjects ate 300 fewer calories.

“The fruits and vegetables were either chopped into small pieces or pureed so participants wouldn’t notice them.” Fruits and vegetables contain fiber which fills us up so that may be why they didn’t eat as much. Other ways to fill you up without adding calories is to drink more water and to eat more soup.

Photo: chicken tomatillo soup w/pureed pumpkin. For recipe: (I added 1 can of light coconut milk and skipped the cheese and the chips to make it dairy-free and lower in calories. It’s really yummy and quite filling.)

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