How to balance blood sugar with food


Regardless of whether or not you’re a diabetic, you don’t want your blood sugar to spike. To keep your blood sugar levels in check, you always want to pair any carbohydrate, whether it’s bread, fruit, or a sweet potato with a protein. My favorite is baked chicken with peaches. For example, you can pair cheese with crackers, eggs and potatoes, tofu with quinoa (or rice), and tuna with pasta.

Another problem I see is that people eat too many types of high glycemic carbohydrates at one meal. For instance, people will have orange juice, a bagel, and a banana for breakfast. That’s three high carbohydrate items all at one meal. Yikes! Instead, have an orange with egg whites for breakfast. Two hours later have banana slices with peanut butter. For lunch, have your bagel with turkey breast meat, a tomato and lettuce.

It may be a challenge at first, but you’ll find that these changes will fill you up longer and won’t have you crashing or craving a nap afterwards. You’ll have better glucose levels, and an added bonus may be losing a few extra pounds. Now that’s sweet!

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