How to gain muscle weight

fitness trainer Bobby Cox poses before heading to MuscleMania competition in 2008

If you want to gain muscle mass, adding protein alone won’t do the trick. You don’t want a ton of calories to come from protein because you ‘ll be consuming too much which can lead to nutrient imbalances, serious problems and dehydration. If you are underweight and want muscle mass, you need to add calories in the form of macronutrients in the right combination, and lift heavier weights. You also don’t want to do excessive cardio if you want to bulk up.

Your body can create only so much muscle tissue daily so keep your additional calorie increase between 300-500 calories per day to prevent the excess calories from being converted to fat (1). These calories should be from complex carbohydrates (55%-60% of totally daily intake), lean protein (20-25%), and healthy fats (20%, which is really not that much). If you want to maintain your current weight, you don’t want to increase your calories.

Building muscle takes time. You can achieve five to ten pounds of muscle in one year, which is great! Everyone’s goal should be to be stronger, regardless of whether you’re a female or a male. A muscular frame is a sign of youth, good health and vitality. Beat the aging clock and pick up those weights!

Sources: 1. Practical Application in Sports Nutrition (pg 405). Frog’s Fitness trainer Bobby Cox

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    • I totally agree! Proper form is essential for strength gains and to prevent injury. It’s a good idea to mix up the workouts to prevent boredom and plateaus.

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