Review of RushFit exercise videos

Rush Fit
RushFit are MMA inspired workouts. The infomercial makes it appear fast-paced and fun, but these are boring exercise videos with way too many breaks. The coach is so serious that he never smiles and takes too many time-outs talking about what’s coming up next and the reasoning behind it. We all know that exercise, a warm-up, and a cool down are important so he’s wasting our precious time blabbing about it. The chatter is so excessive and annoying that it infuriates me to the point where I’m actually yelling at the TV: “shut up!”

The workouts are hard, but for a trained MMA fighter St. Pierre appears out of shape as he sweats profusely and grimaces throughout the exercises. It’s also really gross to see his puddle of sweat on the mat. St. Pierre’s accent is so thick that there should be subtitles when he speaks. In his defense, he seems like a really nice guy unlike the stuffy, stuck-up coach.

The warm-up and cool-down exercises are the same throughout the six videos and we all know that doing the same thing all the time is monotonous and uninspiring. If you want to have fun, sweat and get an exercise session in, TapOut is a much better investment at $120. If you want to enjoy working out, don’t waste your money (it’s $89.97) or your time on this set. I give this a thumbs down.

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