The 1-Day Diet

1 day diet
You’ve heard the saying, “just take one day at a time.” It’s easier to tackle a short list of items you can take care of during a 12-hour day instead of working on a gigantic list that will take months or longer to complete. For instance, if you want to lose 30 pounds, seeing what you’re going to need to do over the next 12 months can be daunting and a little discouraging. With this in mind I created the 1-Day Diet so you just focus on that day. Forget about the weekend or the following week, you can eat clean for one day. That you can do!

When I want to eat “perfect” the following day I create a menu/list of foods of what I will eat and when. Before I go to bed I write down on a piece of paper what I will have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks the next day. When I come down to the kitchen in the morning I see my list so I don’t have to guess what to make. When I’m starving mid-day and cannot think straight I tend to gravitate towards the tortilla chips or the crackers, but if I have a list smack-center on the counter my brain says, “oh yeah! That’s a better choice.” The idea may be basic, but it works really well. Make sure to write or type out a new list every day to incorporate different foods so you don’t get bored. Just think how much weight you’d lose if you followed a list every day!

On my list, you’ll see the foods I ate. Here’s the recipe for the freezer chocolate-date cookies I eat all the time:

Photo: Here’s a link to see a better copy of how my list looks: food for today

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