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Kitty stretchAs I was flipping through the TV channels early one morning I found a show called Classical Stretch, where a retired female ballerina was performing really strange movements. I thought, “This is so wacky, I have to try it!” I was surprised to find that the moves were fun, energizing, and made me relaxed and more flexible. My injured shoulder felt better and appeared to have a greater range of motion.

The exercises on this show are a mixture of Pilates and flowing movements like Thai Chi that works your whole body without weights. I do multiple sets of squats with 70% of my bodyweight, yet my quads were fatiguing during just one episode! These are great exercises to increase stability, and to strengthen and elongate your muscles. These workouts are for anyone, at any age, and at any fitness level. The 23 minute show is free on PBS Monday through Friday at 5:00am PST. To find out what times and channel it airs, go to

If you do not get that channel, you can find mini-workouts on YouTube and you can buy the videos on-line. All of 2012’s 30 episodes are bundled together, which amounts to less than $2.50 each. Here’s the link if you want to purchase any of their videos:

I look forward to these exercises every day. You’ve got to try them. Let me know what you think.

photo: Kitty is doing a stretch

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