New Fat Loss Cure!

There’s a new fat loss pill you can buy. Did you see it on the Dr. Oz show? Which episode? Dr. Oz talks about a new miracle fat loss pill or supplement every week, or at least it seems like it! If any of those products actually worked, then why am I seeing them (Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Keytones, Green Tea Extract) discounted at the stores? Why would people try all these different types if they all worked?

Dr. Andrew Weil, a doctor and respected clinical professor of medicine reveals that “…weight loss supplements are ineffective, and several have proven to be dangerous.” What about Sensa, you ask? He said there is “no good evidence that it will…” cause you to eat less. Stop buying these pills and instead, pay for exercise classes: those will work.

April 2013 Prevention. Article: “I’m trying to lose weight. Should I try a natural weight loss supplement?”

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