Healthy is expensive

eat your veggies
It’s no wonder that people who are poor opt for burgers and packaged meals. Just these four items added up to over $9.00. I was shocked!

Here’s the breakdown:

    1 organic red bell pepper $1.25
    1 organic cauliflower $4.72
    2 bags of organic mini carrots $3.58
    Total: $9.55

    I didn’t buy these items at a pricey specialty shop either; they were purchased from a supermarket chain called Vons. The solution is not junk food, but to buy in bulk and buy what’s in season. I buy bags of frozen berries so I have them year round. I should have bought a regular bag of carrots and peeled and sliced them myself, that would have saved me a few bucks. Make sure to NEVER buy non-organic carrots. If you look at conventional mini carrots in the store that have what looks like white powder, that’s bleach!

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