What types of carbs should diabetics/others limit?

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes my doctor told me to reduce the amount of fruit I ate since fruit contains fructose and spikes blood sugar levels. I tested this theory with a glucose test meter and it’s a fact: my blood sugar rose when eating fruit. His request to cut back on fruit has been standard practice with doctors dealing with diabetics or those who are pre-diabetic (1).

When a lot of people are stressed they tend to gravitate towards sweet or salty snacks, which are high in carbohydrates and sugar and cause weight gain. Once believed that all sugars, even those naturally occurring in whole grains and fruit, cause weight to creep up, some people started avoiding them. Dr. Pam Peeke disagreed with that old theory. The source of carbohydrate makes all the difference. She says in response to all sugars being bad, “Now we know that’s bunk.” In a recent study with type 2 diabetics who ate fruit, they lost about two more pounds and an inch off their waists more than those “limited to two pieces of fruit daily…” (1).

But wait, no one wants a spike in blood sugar, although many wish to lose weight. Regardless of what type of health issues one has, everyone should still eat fruit, just make sure to pair it with some protein and a little fat to stop the spike in blood sugar levels. (Ex: apple slices with peanut butter, fruit smoothie with protein powder). Whether or not you need to lose weight, fruit is a super food and meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

1. Prevention magazine, August 2013 issue, article: “I have high blood sugar and a vicious sweet tooth – how can I cope.” Written by Sara Mackay. Pg 74.

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