Will exercise result in real weight loss?

Kick it!

Kick it!

Does exercise really result in weight loss? Some say yes and others disagree. Here’s the facts:

  • Don’t expect to lose a great deal of weight solely from exercising, unless you’re burning 700 calories through exercise each and every day. The reason why: Most people eat more if they exercise (1) Pg. 186.
  •  Exercise improves the ability to burn fat, although high output of energy is needed to burn fat stores. (1) pg. 90.
  •  The more you increase your fitness level by adding intensity and increasing duration, the more likely you will burn fat reserves (1) pg. 104.
  •  The best weight-loss method that sticks is by lowering daily calories by 300 and adding 30-60 minutes of exercise daily. You should be able to lose about 1 pound a week (1) pg. 179.
  • If you don’t eat enough on high-exercise days, your resting metabolic rate aka RMR is not increased but it does increase when you eat enough on high-exercise days. The higher your RMR, the more calories you will burn. For example, if you increase muscle mass, your RMR will increase. More muscle means more calories burned (1) Pg 148.
  • If you don’t eat enough you lose muscle and you burn fewer calories (1) Pg. 193


  1. Sport Nutrition for Health and Performance, 2nd edition by Manore, Meyer and Thompson

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