Why I stopped using protein powder

What's in your protein powder?

What’s in your protein powder?

A lot of people use protein powder in shakes, bars and in various recipes to up their protein intake without adding much fat. Protein aids in muscle growth and fat loss. I’ve tried numerous vegan and egg white protein powders. Some were plain, some were disgusting, and others made my fruit smoothies thicker and even more decadent. I became an opponent of protein powders because of their high cost, frequent inconsistency, cross-contamination since manufacturers make different products on the same machines, and due to added ingredients I don’t want.

•A lot of protein powders contain sugar. Crazy right? You’re trying to be healthy and they’re adding sugar.
•Some have rice or brown rice syrup. Any time you’re eating rice, you’re also eating naturally occurring arsenic
, which is why we’ve been told to eat rice sparingly.
•Many protein powders have sodium and some have quite a bit of it. Most of us are trying to cut down on salt intake. I prefer to have my salt in my after-workout meal.
•Protein powders contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals
, which can be good or bad. If I’m taking supplements, I may be overdosing.

If you’re using protein powder, make sure to read the ingredients. You may want to get several brands and switch it up. Make sure to eat protein in its natural forms: eggs, meat, fish, chicken, beans, quinoa (etc.). Don’t go overboard by putting protein powder in several meals, drinks or snacks, like a lot of bodybuilders do; it’s just not the healthiest choice. Some protein powders were found to contain traces of steroids!

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