Does The Chocolate Diet actually work?

dark chocolate

The Chocolate Diet is getting its share of publicity, which shouldn’t surprise me since people love chocolate. Hey, I enjoy chocolate too but I don’t want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also don’t want to have a difficult time sleeping since the caffeine in chocolate disrupts sleep. Don’t get caught up in the hype. In the December 2013 Nutrition Action Health Letter’s special feature titled, “How Bittersweet It is” by David Shard, he quoted “chocolate researcher James Greenberg, an associate professor of health and nutrition sciences at Brooklyn College in New York,” that people “who ate the most chocolate gained the most weight” and people who only ate an ounce of chocolate once a week gained over 2 pounds over six years (1). The author, David Shard summaries the studies: “The more chocolate people eat, the more weight they gain.”

It’s not the chocolate that makes us fat, it’s the sugar and fat that pack on the calories. As for the book they want you to buy to entice you into buying to find out what the most nutritious chocolate is, I’ll tell you and I won’t charge you: it’s dairy-free dark chocolate. And if you eat raw coco nibs, you’ll get the most benefits. The old saying rings true time and again, “If it sounds too good to be true, is probably is.”


  1. Source: December 2013 Nutrition Action Health Letter’s, article: “How Bittersweet It is” by David Shard

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