Need motivation?

Dan and daughter

How to get motivated to exercise and eat well really starts with yourself. If you cannot motivate yourself to workout and your friends can’t seem to get you moving either, don’t despair; there are tips and devices that work for a lot of people.


I bought a heart rate monitor and it motivates me to walk faster, exercise longer and work harder so I can get my heart rate up and see how many calories I burned. I’m always trying to beat my previous records.


A pedometer is a simple device if you set and keep your goal of walking a certain number of steps each day.


Instead of telling yourself you’ll start your new program Monday or tomorrow, start today. Even if you do a 15 minute walk or 5 push-ups on the day you decide it’s time to make a change, you’ll feel like you accomplished something because you did. You’ll also be more inclined to start your new full routine the following day since you already started.


Make it a routine. The things you do daily don’t seem like such a big deal, like making your bed or flossing your teeth; you end of doing them almost subconsciously. If you decide to exercise every morning or every afternoon, and/or eat an apple instead of a candy bar each afternoon at 2:30, it will become a part of your regular schedule.


These suggestions work if you put them into practice. Don’t just think about, do it!

Photo: Dan, a triathlete, takes a photo of his daughter Sara and son Christopher when out on a family bike ride. Your kids can be a great motivators!

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