Reasons why you may not be getting enough vitamin D

out in the sun

Even if you live in a sunny climate, you may not be getting enough vitamin D. Here’s some reasons why:

In women who covered the majority of their bodies with clothes and avoided sunlight, 60% had vitamin D deficiency despite consuming Vitamin D three times the AI. (1) Pg. 413

We need more Vitamin D as we age because of reduced absorption in the intestines and less time out in the sun. Vitamin D maintains bone health, prevents fractures and assists the immune system by moderating inflammation. (1) pg. 413

Darker skin limits vitamin D absorption from the sun. (1) pg 412


  1. Sport Nutrition for Healthy and Performance, 2nd edition by Manore, Meyer and Thompson

Photo: Me out in the sun wearing shades, hat and sunscreen. I don’t want to get sunburned

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