Are you skinny-fat?

healthy fats coconut oil, hemp, flax, nuts

Skinny-fat sounds like a contradiction. It’s when a person is thin but has a small layer of fat, especially around the stomach. If you exercise a lot, don’t overeat and eat healthy the majority of the time, but you cannot get rid of those last stubborn pounds, these tips may be the solution to sexy flat abs: 

  1. You’re eating too much fat. Nuts, coconut oil, hemp and flax seeds are healthy fats, but limit your fat consumption to 20-30% of your diet per day.
  2. You’re not eating enough. If you don’t eat enough, your body will conserve fat for survival because it thinks you’re starving.
  3. Try carb cycling. This is where you’ll eat a low of amount of carbs one day and a fairly high amount of carbs the next day.

 You may see results from these changes in as little as 30 days.

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