Is synthetic insulin making you fat?

pen needles

Yes. If you had a truly-identical twin and did the same about of activities and ate the same foods, but you were on synthetic insulin, you would gain more weight than your twin. This is horrifying news for insulin-dependent diabetics. My endocrinologist admitted that synthetic insulin makes people fatter. He said that endocrinologists don’t like to disclose to their patients that the medicine they need their patients to take is going to make them heavier and make it next to impossible to lose weight. They’re probably withholding this information because of worry the medicine will not be taken.


The basic rules for losing weight don’t apply to diabetics. You can do crazy cardio, lift weights, and reduce calories and only see marginal results. Should a diabetic be on a specific diet in order to lose weight? You bet. The fewer times you inject yourself with insulin, the more weight you will lose. For this to happen, you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates eaten. This doesn’t mean no carbs; it just means low-carbs. And yeah, it sucks. At least now you know how to shed those pounds.

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