What you think is healthy, may not be. Don’t be deceived.

gummy worms colored with vegetable extracts...still not a vegetable!

gummy worms colored with vegetable extracts…still not a vegetable!

A potato chip is not a vegetable. Some people seriously think that if they eat potato chips, they’re eating their vegetables. Yes, potato chips are made with potatoes, but potatoes are one of the least healthy of the veggies with a lot of starch. When they are fried and salted, they’ve become a toxic snack.

Juice is not the same as eating a piece of fruit. Most juice is void of their nutritious fiber, and pasteurized, so most of the nutrition has been stripped away. An orange is about 60 calories, whereas a typical glass of orange juice is 100 calories.

The amount of vegetables in a Pad Thai dish rarely constitutes a serving. Also, a tablet or a spoonful of psyllium is not the same as consuming a handful of Brussels sprouts. Yes, psyllium has fiber but is devoid of nutrients; you need both. And please don’t justify ordering vegetable tempura with its measly single green bean, 1 tiny greasy broccoli head, a skinny half carrot, maybe zucchini and/or a sweet potato wedge. It’s deep fried in a flour batter. Certain foods are healthy, but it all depends on the preparation. It’s better NOT to order the tempura.

Eat fruit and vegetables in their purest form to absorb their beneficial nutrients: raw, steamed, gently stir-fried or simmered in a soup (drink the broth). If you’re hungry all the time it’s probably not because you need more calories, more likely is that you’re not giving your body enough fiber and nutrition. Stop acting like a child and eat your vegetables!

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