Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Bean-free Mini Tacos

Paleo Tacos

I came up with this lightened up version of tacos this week since it’s been so hot out. It serves as a mid-day snack or a small lunch for 1 person.


Dairy-free Bean-free Mini Tacos

2 corn tortillas

Choice of one of the following proteins: grilled shrimp, ground browned turkey with Mexican spices; shredded beef, lamb or pork

Seeded, sliced green bell pepper (place 4 slices on each taco)

Salsa (1-2 tablespoons per taco)


Green tabasco sauce


Place corn tortillas on top rack in oven and spritz olive oil on top of each tortilla. Broil until olive oil bubbles on top. Flip. Spritz olive oil on top of other side of each tortilla and broil until olive oil bubbles on top.  Remove tortillas from oven, put on a plate. Add a few drops of green tabasco sauce, then add the protein, bell pepper slices, salsa, a few sprigs of cilantro and top with a few more dashes of green tabasco sauce. Serves 1.

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