Fed up with being fat?

Noodle soup looks healthy but not if they have a lot of salt and noodles that aren't whole wheat

Noodle soup looks healthy but not if they have a lot of salt and noodles that aren’t whole wheat

If you’re frustrated because you cannot lose weight, you’ve got to see the newly-released movie “Fed Up.” This film exposes the ties politics has with the food industry and how they deceive us into thinking that reducing calories and adding exercise is the answer to beating the obesity epidemic. In addition to fried and fattening foods, a huge problem is all the sugar that’s added to every processed or prepared food. When foods are stripped of their fiber (brown rice into white rice, fruit into fruit juice), the body processes it just like sugar, turning those calories directly into fat. If you’re trying to decide between a handful of almonds or a small portion of granola (which is sweetened with sugar or honey), even if they each contain the same number of calories, choose the nuts; the granola will be the one to add fat to your middle.


It’s not just how many calories you eat, it’s what you eat that determines weight gain. When we change the way nature makes food, we’re taking chances with our health. Now I’ll refuse to eat even one little gummy bear. I work too hard burning fat in the gym for those efforts to be overturned by a few seconds of sweet delight on my tongue. I won’t juice again, stripping the vital fiber; and I will happily continue making fruit smoothies, but without honey or artificial sweeteners. “Fed Up” is a must-see movie for anyone that eats food or drinks anything other than water.


Click here to see the movie trailer: http://fedupmovie.com/#/page/home

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