That has sugar too? No way!

Certain foods are widely known to contain sugar, such as candy, cookies, soda, mixed drinks and desserts. It’s appalling that practically everything in a bottle or a package contains sugar. Some of these even surprised me.

Balsamic Vinaigrette
Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette
Newman’s balsamic vinaigrette has sugar listed as the 5th ingredient. All along, I thought it was just oil, vinegar and spices!

BBQ sauce
Annie's organic BBQ hot chipotle sauce
Brown rice syrup is listed as the 2nd ingredient and sugar cane is listed as the 5th ingredient. BBQ sauces are notorious for lots of sugar.

Broth & soups.
chicken broth
This chicken broth has sugar listed as the 3rd ingredient, who would have thought?

sweet chili tortilla chips
These flavored tortilla chips have sugar listed as the 8th ingredient.

delicious dairy free creamer
This coffee creamer has sugar listed as the 2nd ingredient.

Espresso coffee drink
espresso coffee drink
This canned espresso has sugar as the 2nd ingredient. Caffeine + sugar…no wonder it wakes you up!

Fruit and Nut bars
Jalepeno Kind Bar
This Kind bar has honey as the 3rd ingredient and glucose as the 4th ingredient; that’s why it’s so sweet.

black forest ham
In this nitrate-free Trader Joe’s ham, sugar is the 5th ingredient, what a bummer!

tomato ketchup
Von’s tomato ketchup has sugar as the 2nd ingredient. They should rename it: Ketchup-Sugar.

This nitrate-free Trader Joe’s pastrami has honey as the 6th ingredient. Even beef products have sugar now!

Protein Bars
Cliff Builder's Vanilla Almond Protein Bar
This Cliff Builder’s protein bar has brown rice syrup listed as the 3rd ingredient and cane syrup as the 4th ingredient. Sugar bar!

Roasted seaweed
wasabi roasted seaweed snack
This seaweed snack has sugar listed as the 9th ingredient. I was surprised it had sugar at all.

Salad dressings
Vegan Dressing
Miso salad dressing. Honey is listed as the second ingredient; no wonder I like it.

gluten free orange sauce
This orange sauce has sugar listed as the 1st ingredient. Wow!

Sriracha hot sauce
This spicy Asian sauce has sugar listed as the 3rd ingredient. This was a surprise to me.

Tomato sauce
tomato sauce
Kirkland’s organic tomato sauce lists sugar as the 4th ingredient.

Worcestershire Sauce
Lea & Perrins Worchestershire Sauce
This Worcestershire sauce has sugar listed as the 3rd ingredient. Everything really DOES contain sugar!

Of course, the above is not a complete list, otherwise it would be miles long! Beware that the following items commonly contain sugar: bottled tea, bread, cereal (Cheerios has sugar as the 3rd ingredient!), chocolate protein powder, crackers, chewing gum, granola, pasta sauces, deli meat, pretzels, and yogurt. It’s no wonder we’re addicted to sugar; we’re programmed to desire it each time we eat.

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