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vegan carrot and beet slaw

Remember how your friends would insist that chocolate caused their frequent breakouts but studies denied those claims? The problem wasn’t the chocolate, sugar was the cause. Loren Cordain, a researcher, performed studies that revealed that “a high-glycemic America-style diet could result in a crop of pimples” (pg.88). If I had known when I was a teenager the secret to clear skin was a change in diet, I wouldn’t have eaten candy, burgers, French fries, root beer and so much pasta.

We are what we eat and it is apparent by our weight and appearance of our skin. I can tell by looking at a co-workers face if they stayed out late and/or had a few drinks the previous night by the circles around their eyes and the lack-luster appearance on their cheeks. I gave up candy and high-glycemic foods in my mid-thirties and was thrilled to discover brighter skin, and wrinkles miraculously disappear. “Back in the 1800s, doctors prescribed dietary changes for acne patients. By the mid-1900s, small studies linked acne to excessive carbs, milk, sugar and fat” (pg. 94). One theory is that increased insulin from high carb foods triggers “inflammation, more oil secretion, clogged pores, and acne flares” (pg. 94).


Follow these tips for weight loss and clear skin:

  1. Limit foods with a glycemic index over 70. For list go to:
  2. Replace high-glycemic/high carb foods with lots of green veggies.
  3. Drink sugar-free green tea; sugar-free vegan milks instead of cow’s milk. (cow’s milk contains the natural the sugar lactose).
  4. Here’s my vegan milk recipe you can make at home: )
  5. Eat wild salmon once a week, sugar-free Greek yogurt and take probiotics

These changes may be hard to make at first, but the results are totally worth it!

1. Source: Prevention magazine, June 2014 issue, article titled “The Clear-Skin Diet” written by Mandy Oaklander. Pages 86-95.

Photo: vegan raw carrot and beet slaw with spicy vinaigrette sauce

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