Results from the sugar-free diet


I and a few others followed a sugar-free diet this month from 7/1-7/15. This meant we couldn’t consume anything with sugar, honey, agave or any other sweeteners.



  • Jessica followed this plan for one week, added extra cardio and lost one pound.
  • Rose avoided sugar for one week and lost three pounds by not eating her typical cookies or ice cream.
  • Patty lost 1.5 pounds in two weeks; she said she forgot to take measurements but she’s certain she lost inches.
  • I lost one pound in two weeks by not eating any tortilla chips or protein bars (I was eating one bar a day as a snack), and avoiding all condiments/dressings that had sugar. I hardy eat candy or junk food so that part of the challenge wasn’t difficult for me.


The conclusion from this short study is that sugar has a huge impact on weight gain. When this diet was completed I couldn’t wait to eat a protein bar; the ones I eat don’t contain any sugar but a lot of them have brown rice syrup. What surprised me is that the protein bar not only didn’t fill me up, it made me hungrier! I’ve now decided to only eat protein bars with whole ingredients, like nuts and fruit. I’m also going to limit sugars in any form from now on. If you missed this diet plan and would like to try it, go to let me know how you did after you complete it for two weeks.

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