Prevent hot days from harming you


Summer is here and that means more deaths due to extreme heat, yet runners run and cyclists cycle at the hottest times and on the hottest days. Last year in Los Angeles, there were 170 heat deaths in June alone (1). People have been told they can acclimate to heat, but cumulative exposures to high heat can yield disastrous results (1). In addition, when there is more C02 in the air due to global warming, the more pollen there is which means more severe cases of asthma, allergies, runny noses and breathing difficulties (2).

On hot days, exercise indoors where it’s air conditioned, or exercise in the early morning or late in the day when it’s cooler. Drink extra water and eat some salty snacks to keep hydrated. Heat is the leading cause of death for high-school athletes; it’s not just seniors who need to keep cool (1).



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